Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thing #10...Finally.

So, I have a clearer understanding about all The Ten Things now. Last to finish, maybe, but better late than never.

So, I have enjoyed helping as a liaison for this Ten Things endeavor and would like to send a shout out to THE TEN THINGS TEAM...GREATNESS!
I guess I am now supposed to convey my thoughts on the SPL website...

I have used the site for many demonstrations in several of my classes and people are always amazed with what it contains. I LOVE the TOOLBAR!!! Big help with convenient access to my account, searches, etc. I feel as though there is always something new to be happened upon when I spend some time with the SPL out-of-site! However, I believe that the blog has the potential to have more input from our patronage. Yes, we all have to take the mostly good with some of the bad. That's life!

My question now...I have wondered where The Ten Things will be going in the future?
I think that in some ways, it has bonded all of us. I do have to agree with Camille about the incognito and anonymous blogs...I have to respect this style but do question why and what their expectations are from those of us who wear our blogs on our sleeves. Meaninglessness? maybe a little harsh but not as engaging for those who just want to know who you are.

So, I guess my question to everyone who reads this...How do you intend to continue using The Ten Things in the future? Will you still be blogging?

I do find blogging enjoyable, once I get in to it. Any thoughts? Anyone?

Thing #9 Google Docs

I like the fact that I can view my revisions! I created a document that was pretty convenient.
I also like the act that I can access this document from any computer and add links, photos and the like.

In reality, I am pretty used to using Word but, for those group projects that could involve collaboration...Smart!
There's nothing worse than feeling like your document could vanish at any time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thing #8 Wiki

Wiki wiki...My time is running out.
I think wiki's are great. Like an unassigned group doing an unassigned project, in a way.
I contributed very little, I'm ashamed to say, to the wiki.
I do intend to go back and look at how wacki it has become.
My contribution was to the music section but I hope to add more and take more too.

I think the root of wiki's are like my nana used to say, "They mean well."
Generally, I believe people want to have the chance to state their knowledge.
The wiki allows everyone to contribute. Painless on the pocketbook too I might add.
However, as we have seen, they do have the potential to get out of context with the wrong information. Aren't we always supposed to question things anyway though?

I use WikiPedia for quick reference info. Works as a good starting point.

Thing of my lucky numbers.

Podcast Alley is right up my alley!
Because music is one of my major passions in life, I picked a few music podcasts, which I am listening to as I blog this.
Very easy to use and allows me to access lots I never new I could have otherwise. Great!

Thing #6 Social BookMARKing

Is it any wonder that I like things that have my name in it??? Including the questionMARK.

This has been a Godsend for the MLS student...I only wish I had known about it long ago.
I have been using like a mad woman, for the paper I just turned in today :) ,and find it to be very easy to use. I anticipate that I will continue using it...though I do wonder how often I will go back and look at all these articles etc. that I have tagged. I do enjoy tagging!
I even do the tagging in Circulation...
Pardon my bad jokes. I am a sucker for bad jokes exclamationMARK

Thing #5 Flickr and Photo Sharing

Look a little farther down in this blog and you will find a Flickr photo of me, monkeying around.

This was probably the most difficult Thing to accomplish and I still don't know how to do it.
There were problems when I first helped Nina in our department because BillN10TaskBlog
was signed in. I had no idea that one user could tie up the account. So, we tried the next day, after learning about the process of making sure to log out, and eventually asked Toby to come in and help us. Toby walked us through the process of how to select and "post to blog." We used my blog for the trial run and there seemed to be quite a few steps that were not really explained in the directions...or maybe I'm just not getting it?

As you can see, we got the picture up.
I then tried to help a few others but still couldn't remember all the steps.

I like the Flickr idea...I just wish it was an easier process for those of us who don't use it that often.

Thing #4 Social Networking

THIS has been the biggest doozie for me.
I am really not an outward, tell all kind of person...Believe it or not?
I really have put this one off because I'm not a MySpace type of girl and Facebook isn't my thing either. Not to say that I don't enjoy looking though. I have looked at MySpace pages for many years now. Mostly MySpace has been where I go to look up music groups. Often times I can find out about other, similar bands through their FriendSpace section.

Being a good sport, and with some help from Gus, I made my MySpace account.
I can't say that I use it...Almost forgot that I have one actually...But I have a few friends in my FriendSpace, the Palas brothers and Yan-Lin are there, and of course MySuperficial friend Tom (who I never even met).

Overall, I find MySpace to be a little overwhelming.
Facebook, so I've heard, is a great place to find those old connections.
But, like I said, I'm not looking to be found.
I like to leave those kinds of things, connections and all, up to karma.